The most successful formula one racer of all time. Now preserved in the EAA museum.

This all composite Sharp DR-90 model was designed and built by Californian Jon Sharp and a 3 member team, Cory Bird, Dan Bond and Steve Ericson. Construction was completed in July 1991 and only minor modifications were accomplished prior to its first racing at Reno in September where it won the Gold Race at 245. 264. It thus became the first plane since the 1947 Goodyear meet to win the national championship in its first race meet ... a notable beginning.

In ten subsequent race meets through 1996, NEMESIS placed 1st in thirty consecutive races, an unprecedented air racing accomplishment, and in doing so, set two national qualifying records and a new national speed record for Formula One racing at 255.257 at Reno in 1993.

In that six year span of race wins, this plane under the hand of the veteran Sharp, won six successive national championships at an average speed 244.68 MPH. This is a consecutive championship record exceeded only by one other Formula One aircraft in the history of the class.

In seeking broader competitive horizons, Sharp and his sleek NEMESIS twice established new world speed records for class C-la (Group 1) aircraft on a 3 KM course ... the first at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in August '93 at 277.26MPH and the second at the same location 3 years later at 283.75.