Rider R-6 8 Ball

Keith Rider had at least one more racer up his sleeve as in 1938 the R-6 appeared. This was all plywood covered and perhaps departed in portions from the Rider design but the heritage could not be mistaken. It was powered by a six cylinder Menasco Buccaneer engine and, as the rest of the Rider racers, had a retractable landing gear. It was a gear similar to the R-4 and R-5. It had a wing span of 18 ft. 5 in. and was 19 ft. long.

Dubbed the "8 Ball" it was painted a pale blue and had a large "8 Ball" insignia on either side of the fuselage. The 8 appeared to be a race number but at the Nationals the racer drew number 18, so the "8 Ball" and number 18 appeared on each flank. It was licensed NX-96Y and Joe Jacobson was pilot for the 1938 Nationals. He placed the racer third in the Greve Race at 218.28 mph and sixth in the Thompson at 214.57 mph. Rider racers had placed first, third, fourth, and sixth in the Greve.

The R-6 "8 Ball" was back in 1939, the "8 Ball" insignia was now removed and only race number 18 appeared on the fuselage. A new dusty blue paint replaced the pale blue of 1938. A new Hamilton constant speed propeller replaced the old prop and a spinner would not fit over the counterweights, so the racer appeared without a prop spinner at the 1939 races.

George Byars was the pilot but the racer was dogged by engine trouble and failed to start any race.

These are two views of the Rider Eight Ball on exhibit at the Planes of Fame Museum, Chino, Ca