Shoestring K 10 Polecat

First place winner and world speed record holder at the 1980 Cleveland National Air Show Formula One race. The "Polecat" is a Formula One racing airplane built in 1970 by Vince DeLuca of Mira Leste, California. It is a copy of an earlier highly successful racing aircraft called "Shoestring", which initially flew in the 1949 Cleveland National Air Races.

The "Polecat" is part of a group of airplanes that were officially called the 190 Cubic Inch Class - indicating the maximum size engine permitted. These tiny and relatively inexpensive airplanes were first introduced at the 1947 Cleveland National Air Races. They immediately became popular with pilots and spectators alike.

When this aircraft was built it was given the race number 93 and originally called "Rickey Rat". It campaigned successfully for several racing seasons and was then sold to John Parker in California, who renamed the plane "Top Turkey". In 1980 it was purchased by Jack Venaleck of Madison, Ohio. For the 1980 racing season the craft was renamed the "Polecat".

The "Polecat" is unrestored and appears exactly as it did in the 1980 Cleveland race. 22

It was acquired by the Crawford Auto-Aviation Collections and Display Committee and the Friends of the Frederick C. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum.


Shoestring K-10 Single Seat Pylon Racer


150 hp Continental 0-200-12


Maximum speed Approx. 250 mph


525 lb. empty; 800 lb. gross


Span 18 ft. 9 in.; Length 17 ft. 9 in.