Verville-Packard R-1

Alfred Verville prominent in many major American aircraft developments from 1914 well into 1930s. Sportsman was one of series of excellent Verville designs dating back to early 1920s. His earlier successes included designs for tunnel radiators and tapered wings used on Boeing PW-9 and Curtiss PW-8 fighters and his own VCP-1 fighter which was modified into Verville Packard R-1 racer which won first Pulitzer Speed Trophy Nov 20 at 178 mph.

This was the first racing aircraft built for the USAAC, a clean biplane. It was the modified VCP-1 fighter prototype.

Type: R.1
Function: racing
Year: 1920 Crew: 1 Engines: 1 * 638hp Packard 1A-2025
Speed: 299km/h