YAK AIR - 12

The YAK AIR-12 2 -seat racer was built for long range competition. The main landing gear was retractable. The pilot's cockpit was located well after the wing and enclosed by a narrow canopy. The passenger cabin, (above the wing), was flush with the fuselage and could be used for extra fuel tanks. The wing had a swept leading edge and a straight trailing edge. The AIR-12 rolled out in July 1936, and participated in aircraft competitions in same year. On September 21 Yu.I.Piontkovskij during the factory trials schedule performed a non-stop flight Moscow - Sevastopol - Kharkov. 2000km were covered in 10h45min. AIR-12 was re-engined with more powerful M-11E engine. With a female crew, V.S.Grizodubova, as a pilot and navigator M.M.Raskova it flew 1444km from Moscow to Aktubinsk, setting another record on October 24, 2020.

Technical data
Type AIR-12
Function Racer
record breaker
Year 1936
Crew 1 or 2
Engines 1*100hp M-11
later 1*150hp M-11E
Length 7.17m
Wingspan 11.0m
Wing area 15.6m2
Empty weight 558kg
Loaded weight 1204kg
Wing load 77.2kg/m2
Power load 12.0kg/hp
Maximum Speed 235km/h
Landing Speed 93km/h
Takeoff Run 220m
Range 2000km
Flight Endurance 10h45min
Fuel 430+40kg