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A4 Mike Antoinette Beguine Bleriot XI Boeing P-12-A Bristol Racer spelautomater Cassutt Special Cessna CR-3 Chester Goon Chester Special Comet DH88 Crosby CR-3 Curtiss R2C-1 Curtiss R3C Curtiss Robin Dayton Wright  Deperdussin Racer Farman GeeBee R1 GEEBEE-Z Hall Bulldog Racer Hughes H-1 Jupiter SK3 Pete Laird Super Solution Laird Turner Meteor Lockheed Vega Lockheed 12A Macchi-Castoli MC 72 Messerschmitt Me 209 Miles Atwood special Miles Sparrow HawkMiles Whitney StraightMiss Los Angeles Mr Mulligan P51 Mustang Nemesis Percival Proctor Percival Mew Gull Percival Gull Rider Firecracker Rider 8 Ball Shoestring Polecat Speed King 1 Seversky S-2 Seversky SEV-3 Sopwith Tabloid Spirit of St Louis Supermarine S-6B Tilbury Flash Travelair Mystery Ship Voisin Wedell Williams No.44  Winnie Mae

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Bert Acosta Rene Arnoux Pancho Barnes Jean Batten Lowell Bayles Milo Burcham Louis Bleriot Lord Brabazon Clarence Chamberlin Georges Chavez Jackie Cochran Bessie Coleman Douglas Corrigan Glenn nätcasino Curtiss Doug Davis Leon Delagrange James Doolittle Amelia Earhart Eugene Ely Robert Esnault-Pelterie Frank Fuller Roland Garros Louis Greve Jimmy and Mae Haizlip Frank Hawks Alex Henshaw Charles Holman Benny Howard Howard Hughes Amy Johnson Harold Johnson Joseph Kittinger Charles Lindbergh Paul Mantz Harold Neumann Earl Ortman Clyde Pangborn Wiley Post Harriet Quimby Cal Rodgers Dick Rutan Charles Kingsford Smith Maud Tait Louise Thaden Bobbi Trout Roscoe Turner Polly Vacher Jules Vedrines Gabriel Voisin James Wedell Steve Whittman Wright Brothers Chuck Yeager Jeana Yeager

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From the same author of Casino en Línea The Sporty Game, a classic study of the aviation industry, Boeing versus Airbus reports the immense rivalry and high stakes between the two largest aircraft manufacturers in the world - companies capable of betting the company on one plane. Boeing, one of the most successful and most successful corporations in the United States - its largest exporter - struggled to maintain a 50% market share in the commercial aircraft market after being overtaken by European newcomer Airbus in the late 1970s. 1990. However, Airbus did not stay on top for long. In 2006, the company suffered from the effects of poor management and adopted a type of complacency and a culture of risk aversion, which were once characteristic of its competitor. Summarizing the interviews he did throughout the airline industry - from company leaders to designers, factory workers and Wall Street analysts - John Newhouse takes us inside these companies, helping us to understand the struggle they are waging for supremacy of a business that is based on both instinct and economy. In addition, it examines the critical issues that Boeing has faced in recent years, including its difficult merger with McDonnell Douglas, its controversial move from Seattle to Chicago and a series of corporate scandals that have been published on the front page of several newspapers around the world. Newhouse also analyzes the problems that affect Airbus, which had been rising with a structure aimed at satisfying the narrow focus of European shareholders, and explores the problems that the two companies face at the moment: potential competition and the challenge of serving the growing Asian market. and the need machines à sous to correct years of maladministration.

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