A-4 "Mike"
Alden Brown B-1
Bellanca 28-92 Trimotor
Bleriot XI
Boeing P-12-A
Bristol Racer
Cassutt Special
Caudron C-460
Cessna CR-3
Chester Goon
Chester Jeep
Comet DH88
Crosby CR-3
Curtiss R2C-1
Curtiss R3C
Curtiss Robin
Dayton Wright RB racer
Gee Bee Model X
GeeBee R1
GeeBee Z
Gloster IIIA / IIIB
Hall Bulldog Racer
Heath Baby Bullet
Howard DGA-3 Pete
Howard DGA-4 and DGA-5
Hughes H-1
Jupiter SK3
Kirkham-Williams Racer
Laird Super Solution
Laird/Turner Meteor
Lockheed Vega
Lockheed 12A
Macchi-Castoli MC 72
Macchi M-39
Marcoux-Bromberg Special
Messerschmitt Me 209
Miles Atwood special
Miles Sparrow Hawk
Miles Whitney Straight
Miss Los Angeles
Monocoupe 110 Special
Mr Mulligan air racer
Napier-Heston Racer
Northrop Alpha
Northrop Gamma
P51 Mustang
Percival Proctor
Percival Mew Gull
Percival Gull
Pete air racer
Rider Firecracker
Rider 8 Ball
Shoestring Polecat
Speed King 1
Seversky S-2
Seversky SEV S-3
Short Crusader
Sopwith Tabloid
Spirit of St Louis
Supermarine Sea Lion II
Supermarine S.4
Supermarine S-6B
Tilbury Flash
Thomas Morse R-5
Travelair Mystery Ship
Verville-Packard R-1
Verville-Sperry R-3
Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer
Voyager (Rutan)
Wedell Williams No.44
Winnie Mae Lockheed Vega
Wittman D-12 Bonzo
Wittman Chief Oshkosh
Wright F-2W
YAK AIR - 12